What's the Plan, Stan? has suggestions for teaching and learning programmes for students in years 1–3, focusing on emergency events and the impacts they could have on your community.


These lesson ideas provide opportunities for students in years 1–3 to:

    • explore the impact of emergency events in NZ on the environment and people, particularly their whānau and community
    • investigate an emergency event that could happen in their local area and the scientific explanation for why it happens
    • take action to prepare for an emergency and lessen the impact on themselves and others
    • gain a broader understanding of the role of Civil Defence and the Earthquake Commission
    • participate in a programme that is relevant, authentic, and connects learning to their lives.

Stan with whiteboard.These learning experiences are designed to be adapted to your local area and school curriculum. Although you can follow them in a sequential order, the aim is for the learning to be student led, so the resource is designed to allow flexibility.

Find times for practising drills relevant to your emergency focus. Before the drills explain why they are necessary and why each drill is different depending on the emergency. The time and frequency of these drills will follow school policies and procedures. 

Before you begin

Emergency Events - What's the Science?


Virtual Field Trip - Getting ready for an emergency

Stan at work. Take a virtual field trip to explore the latest and best practice recommended for you and your school during an emergency.

This trip took place in 2016, however all of the resources are there for you to use in your classroom. Keep an eye out for more Virtual Field Trips supported by EQC and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.